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What is included in the TrimControl™ pack?

Our TrimControl™ pack includes:

  • 2 e-telltales

  • 1 receiver

  • Our Android app

Is it possible to add supplementary e-Telltales?

Yes, it is. Up to 36 E-Telltales can be displayed on the same receiver and software.

What are the advantages of the e-Telltales?

They offer many other advantages such as:

  • Enhanced performance (continuous analysis of the sails trim)

  • Ease of installation

  • Intuitive use


The TrimControl™ system is also a safety equipment: No need to take risks and venture on the deck in rough weather conditions or at night to check the telltales. Check the sail trims on a screen from the cockpit!

Have the e-telltales proved their worth?

Yes! They were tested and approved on several sailing boats during the Vendée Globe.

Can the e-telltales be connected to an autopilot?

An e-telltale mode is being developed on the HR pilot from NKE (Manufacturer of electronic measuring instruments).

What boat size is suitable to use e-telltales?

The bigger, the better. Generally speaking, the e-telltales are very useful as soon as you can’t see them any longer because it is too dark or because they are hidden by another sail.

Are the E-Telltales suitable for all the sails?

The sensor is useful on storm jibs and upwind sails (mainsail, staysail, jib). For the time being, we don’t advise to use it on spinnakers.

Being heavier than a classic ribbon, it will be truly efficient with an AWS > 8 knots

Can we furl the sails with the e-telltales?

Yes, of course. They have been designed accordingly.

How many E-Telltales per sail are necessary?

Two e-telltales per sail are a minimum (starboard and port).

For long luffs, two pairs are recommended.

Where should they be attached?

For one pair:

Height: 30% of the luff (height of centre of effort)

2,3ft (70cm) aft from the luff


For two pairs:

Height: 30% and 75% of the luff

2,3ft (70cm) aft from the luff

Are the e-telltales visible at night?

Yes, at any time on the computer, touch pad or smartphone screen. No need to go on deck at night.

Are they easy to install?

Yes, just glue them on the sail.

How long does it take to install the full TrimControl™ system?

On average, less than a day.

Is the software easy to use?

Very intuitive, it has been designed to offer the most simple and straightforward use when sailing.

Is it necessary to buy additional equipment?

There are two solutions to read the e-telltales:

How do we know which e-telltales are active?

Our software will display the active e-telltales on the screen.

How long do the E-Telltales last?

Up to 5 years, depending on the operating conditions.

Do the E-Telltales require special maintenance?

No, they don’t.

How do we add / replace e-telltales?

Heat the cuben patch to peel it off or cut the threads and let the patch in place.

Then glue the new e-telltale over it.

Can I use bluetooth?

No. A specific radio protocole and receiver are used (which allows us to have 200m range)

Should we make a window in the sail to attach the e-telltale?

Of course, not and this is another advantage. It allows you to place a flow sensor on an area that you can't even see. It also works on a heavy sail (on wing and soft wing).

Does the e-telltale also work underwater?

Yes. A subaquatic version is under study.

How do you check the sail twist?

We would recommend 3 pairs to monitor twisting at different heights.

Which navigation softwares can read the e-telltale data?

ADRENA makes it possible to follow the e-telltales in real time and to save the data in the trace.

Would partially sighted sailors benefit from the e-telltales ?

 “I was fortunate enough, and to be honest, very happy to test vocalized e-telltales on the Pogo 10.50 belonging to the “IMT Atlantique” school. For a partially-sighted sailor, it’s pure magic ! When I first sailed with this device, I really had the feeling that I was steering and seeing the telltales for the first time in my life !” Olivier DUCRUIX (Association Orion) (a sailing association for partially-sighted people).

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