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In 1999, understanding that working as a team was more efficient than working on their own, Michel Desjoyeaux and Régine Bonens created “Mer Agitée”, the first Offshore Racing Stable in France.

Set up in Port-La-Forêt, right in the heart of the famous “Vallée des Fous” where the most talented French skippers love to sail, Mer Agitée’s premises are close to the CDK Technologies shipyard, to the Finistere Offshore Racing Centre-the national training centre- and to the research consultancy “Mer Forte”. 


In such an environment conducive to the competition spirit and to questioning, Mer Agitée’s team brings together complementary know-how and experiences to draw up projects linked not only to offshore racing but also to the nautical environment as a whole and its development.



Throughout the process from decision-making to operational implementation in any competitive sailing projects, Mer Agitée works alongside its partners and skippers in their respective sectors. 


From fundraising to delivering performance, the aim is to constantly remain at the forefront of technological innovation by offering outstanding solutions and tailor-made services for all or part of the process : Composite, design, calculation and parts manufacturing, on-board computing and electronics, ropework, mechanics, hydraulics but also administrative, financial and logistic management, as well as competitive sailing, are all fields which are perfectly mastered by a team paying a particular attention to exchanging and sharing knowledge and to optimizing means and methods. Lire plus >



In a fully equipped workshop that can simultaneously accommodate several boats, Mer Agitée develops a shipyard activity dedicated mainly but not exclusively to performance sailing-boats. 


Manufacturing composite parts, design and creation of specific tools (moulds, ...), careening, appendages, deck plan optimization... 

Equipped with a three-axis universal Cnc milling machine, Mer Agitée makes all types of manufacturing works.

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As a think tank, Mer Agitée imagines systems which have inspired the world’s offshore racing industry. Most of the time, the projects are developed in partnership with suppliers or specialized research departments. Patents are regularly registered, and some systems come onto the market, for example the “On-board sea vision”, a software solution for the on-board video, or the e-telltale, the electronic telltale of the future.

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As a partner of communications agencies or services, Mer Agitée makes its skippers and boats available to cover events.

Different solutions are available depending on the requirements.

Z2015, Mer Agitée’s hybrid catamaran which was designed around re-used components from former offshore racing boats, makes a large range of communication operations possible, at sea as well as at the pontoon.  Fast and comfortable, under sail or power, this boat that can accommodate up to 32 people at sea is perfect to follow up the start or the arrival of a race as close as possible from the competitors.

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T : 02 98 56 82 85
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29940 La Forêt-Fouesnant, France

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